Online Yoga Conference

Starts February 18 2022

Do you want to experience
the deeper layers of
your yogapractice?

Join us on February 18th (till 25th) for an amazing 7 day Online Yoga Conference, where we take you on a journey to explore the many layers of the practice. We want you to stop analysing and just be marvelled with the magical world of yoga.

Let this Online Conference inspire and incourage you to explore unknown territory! We have an amazing group of experienced teachers who will guide you through exceptional yogaclasses, mantra, meditation, talks and more…

Let’s put the magic back in your sadhana,

because yoga is more than fancy yogaposes

and funky yogapants

Nele Van Poucke

Why this Yoga Conference?

For many years I’ve been toying with the idea of organising a Yoga Conference in Belgium, but the sheer amount of work behind the scenes was holding me back.

But now with online yoga being the norm it was the perfect time to make it reality in the form of “Sacred Sadhana Online Yoga Conference”.

Every teacher on this online conference has inspired me in some shape or form, we shared laughs, coffee, smoothies and even pizza :)

I hope you find lots of joy, inspiration and deep wisdom during this online event and can’t wait to see you on February 18th!!

How does it work?

The Yoga Conference is completely Online and is a mix of yogaclasses, talks, meditations that all share the Sacred Sadhana theme, with each teacher adding their own flavour.

All practices are prerecorded and you can acces them when you want and they stay online for 1 month.

Every day (from 18/02 till 25/02) new videos will be posted and you can enjoy new insights.

How to join?

You can click here or below, you receive a Welcome email and on February 18th th you get another email with all necessary information.

If you like the Conference please share on your socials, comment on our posts. We like that a lot :)
hastag #sacredsadhanayogaconference

Meet the Teachers

We have an amazing group of experienced teachers who will guide you through magical yogaclasses, mantra, meditation, talks and more…

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